"Let the kids decorate blank card stock bookmarks with Happy New Year stickers and add a New Year wish for each of their classmates and the teacher, then sign their name. What a nice gift to pass out on their first day back to school in the New Year!

Santa's list of things to do

No matter where you will spend the Christmas this year, remember to do at least a good thing for someone.

We all can help and make a small change without spending a fortune.

The only thing that we must have is a good will.

In stead of closing our eyes and passing by the needed ones, we can all do a small gesture to make someones life better.

Buy a meal or a warm coat to a homeless man
Give a new, forever home to a stray cat or dog
Collect toys for a local orphanage or children hospital
Buy a gift for an old person who doesn't have any family, or even better, invite him/her at the Christmas dinner
Donate blood - so many accidents during Holidays
If you have a courtyard leave food for birds and squirrels
Donate for an important cause
Give food and water to a stray animal
Show love to all your family members - we know that Christmas dinner brings annoying relatives sometimes but let's be good
Help your old, ill neighbor to clean the snow or do her/his groceries"

Tidak peduli apa 2019 telah membawa untuk Anda, saya mendorong Anda untuk mengangkat kepala Anda dan bergerak maju dengan harapan menjadi tahun yang akan datang. Saya menyadari bahwa beberapa peristiwa pada tahun lalu, peristiwa atau peristiwa pribadi bisa cenderung meninggalkan kami dengan pandangan ketakutan dan suram. Tapi mari kita mendengar kata-kata Christmas angels, "Fear tidak, " karena Allah masih di atas takhta.

Source: http://captionterbaru.com/caption-tahun-baru-2019